How to Create a Low-Maintenance Garden

July 12, 2016Posted by Carlos Garcia


Garden maintenance often requires too much time and efforts. If you are a gardening expert and you enjoy spending more time in the backyard, then it won’t be a big problem for you. However, if you are too busy at work and don’t have enough time to take care of your plants, then you might need to consider creating a low-maintenance garden. Here you can find the basic steps for turning your favourite garden into a simple for maintenance place.

4 creative garden design ideas

July 08, 2016Posted by Carlos Garcia


No need to keep that lawn looking bland and boring. And it has nothing to do with passers-by thinking what a boring life this person must be leading if all they can do with their garden is do the lawn mowing. It’s all about showing some creativity and adding to the house something that will make it more pleasing for the eye – for yourself – and maybe even adding something practical so that you can actually enjoy more time in the garden. Yes, many people actually don’t go to their gardens just because they are too boring to be in. So think practical and use your imagination to come up with something interesting. Here are some ideas you can explore:


5 stunning ideas that will make your home awesome

July 01, 2016Posted by Carlos Garcia


Do you think that your home is boring? You can do so much to change that, you know? There are literally hundreds and thousands of things that can be changed, removed, or added in order to make the home an awesome place to be. Even the simplest little changes can have a big impact if done properly. No need to get an interior designer for the ideas – you can do that after you know what you want to do and then just have someone do the decor. Pick the ideas you want, not what someone might want to impose on you. You want your ideas to personalise the home, not someone to give you alien ideas that you might like at the moment, but resent after a few days. To help you, here are five carefully chosen ideas that could help you with the awesome-ing of your home:

How to deal with garden waste

June 21, 2016Posted by Carlos Garcia


Dealing with garden waste does not have to be a big burden. There are two simple ways of doing it and you should get acquainted with them to enjoy a cleaner garden where you can rest or do proper landscaping in peace. And if you are a fan of the latter, then make sure you really do know how to do proper garden clearance after every landscaping job – that is the sign of a smart gardener and you want to be ready for all contingencies. Here are the two methods of dealing with garden waste: